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Free German Coolie Puppies For Sale

Though the name is German Coolie, it is an Australian herding breed. German coolies are attractive dogs with distinct markings on the face with mottled effects. They are found in red and blue colors. Often, you can find free German coolie puppies in black and white varieties. Some puppies may be with birth defects such as deafness and hence, you have to check the health of the puppy before buying.

The coat of the free German coolie puppies may be long or short. Many people prefer to buy short coat puppies. White colored puppies may suffer from sun damage due to unpigmented skin. Coolies can live for 15 years and they have fewer health problems.

You can buy free German coolie puppies if you cannot spend more time in grooming the dog. The short coat requires little to no grooming and you can bathe him when he becomes dirty. Rather, long coated puppies need more care and you have to groom them frequently. German coolies are active in nature and they can get along well with others in your family. If you have other pets, you can grow German coolie puppies too because they are friendly in nature.

German coolie doesn’t require rigorous training as they can follow your instructions easily. They are obedient and very loyal to the master. It is an inherent nature of herding dogs. You can find many dogs of this breed acting in television serials and they are also used in therapy. However, they are not suitable as watch dogs.

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