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Free German Shepherd Dogs Puppies For Sale

Free German Shepherd puppies are a breed of strong, agile, fearless and self assured dogs. With their ability to learn simple tasks after only five repetitions and obeying of commands more than 95% times, these free German Shepherd puppies are among the most intelligent breeds of dogs.

Also known as Alsatian, the free German Shepherd puppies are large, muscular and double coated breed. Their strong jaws, large and erect ears and long neck give them stern and imposing looks. These free German Shepherd puppies come in variety of colors, most common of which are the tan and black, red and black and pure black.

The astuteness and physique of the free German Shepherd puppies makes them a popular choice of dogs, with police forces. They are trained to track criminals and patrol the troubled areas. These free German Shepherds puppies are gifted with a keen sense of smell, so when trained, they can help to detect narcotics, mines, cadavers and explosives.

Due to their loyal, obedient nature and magnificent appearance free German Shepherd puppies are highly desirable as pets. They are playful and friendly towards the family, love the owner’s children and other pets brought up with them. Though free German Shepherd puppies are little reserved with strangers, they warm up to them quickly, once they are perceived friendly. These are highly active dogs and demand for frequent exercises and daily mental challenges. Hence the free German Shepherds puppies are not recommended for novice, apathetic or sedentary owners.

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