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Free German Shorthaired Pointers Puppies For Sale

German Shorthaired Pointers are sporting dogs which are generally found in liver and white color combinations. The coat of this breed is harsh with short, flat, and thick fur. This coat is water resistant and hence, you don’t have to bathe the puppies very often.

German shorthaired pointers being mainly a hunt breed are very active. You can find free German shorthaired pointers puppies from many places. You must choose the breed carefully and check that the puppy is healthy. If the dog’s profile has dished appearance, then the profile is incorrect. He should have a straight nose or Roman nosed. Darker eyes are preferable, but if you find yellow, or bird preyed eyes, then it means the puppy is faulty. Like any other German pointers, German shorthaired pointers have webbed feet.

You will find it exciting to train free German shorthaired pointers puppies, as they are cooperative in nature. These hunters are well suited for family environment and they can be affectionate too. He is intelligent, bold, and active wanting you to keep him busy. They are grown as watch dogs and they can play with your children without hurting them. However, you should not leave young ones with him uncared.

Proper training is needed to train free German shorthaired pointers puppies to keep them energetic. His hunting nature makes him the most active beast while his cooperative character makes him another member in your family. Regular exercising will keep him occupied and fit. He is not suitable for families with other pets because of his inherent hunting capability.

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