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Free Goldendoodles Puppies For Sale

Goldendoodles are not original breeds and they are hybrid dogs obtained by crossbreeding Golden retriever and poodle. You can find many free Goldendoodles puppies, as this variety is increasingly popular. They are vigor as they are the first generation puppies. Generally the first generation cross breeds are highly active and grows healthier when two unrelated breeds are crossed.

The look of free Goldendoodles puppies may be somewhere between shaggy looking retriever to curly poodle. You have to comb the coat every few weeks and groom properly. The parents are hunters and water dogs and hence, Goldendoodles are highly active. The hybrid breed became popular because of the nature of the dog itself. They shed very little and hence, many allergic families love to buy free Goldendoodles puppies.

Goldendoodles are very friendly and they can get along with strangers easily. If you have a large family, you can have a great time with Goldendoodles. Like retrievers, they love to please their master and stay obedient. They can mingle with other pets at home. Goldendoodles love people to be around them and they want someone to nurture and care for them. They are intelligent, fun loving companions. If left alone, they may turn wild resulting in destructive activities. They are highly intelligent and can respond to many commands if properly trained.

As this is the first generation breed, Goldendoodles are healthier than its parents are. They are immune and have no major health concerns. Many breeders are interested in second generation doodles where they breed two Goldendoodles.

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