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Free Gordon Setters Puppies For Sale

Gordon Setters are dogs of setters family and they were bred in the past to hunt birds. Like any other setter, Gordon setters are highly active. They are called black and tans as they have dark black coat with distinctive tans. The coat is generally straight without any curls. Since the coat is not curly, they don’t form mats and you don’t have to groom frequently. If you want intelligent, noble and dignified pet, you can buy free Gordon setter puppies.

You should be an efficient, firm master if you want to grow free Gordon setter puppies. They mature at a later age and even at their older ages, they show puppy like characteristics. They need an attentive environment which can keep them busy all the time. Though they can play with your family members, it is not advisable to let them play with your children. The bird hunting nature of the dog may turn it forceful at times.

If you want to socialize the dog, you need to train free Gordon setters puppies at an early age. They can run for many miles and they require atleast an hour of exercising regularly. Overtraining should be avoided for puppies until 18 months, as it may result in joint problems at a later age. Unsupervised roaming should be disallowed for Gordon setters. They have a tendency to follow a scent and they may face potential traffic situations. They are gentle and have a tendency to learn your commands and behave decently.

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