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Free Great Danes Puppies For Sale

Great Danes are domestic dogs popular for their gigantic size and personality. He is called the gentle giant and he belongs to one of the tallest breeds. Male dogs look massive compared to the female. You can buy free Great Danes puppies in one of the colors – fawn, brindle, blue, black, harlequin and mantle. The coat is short and soft.

Ear cropping is commonly done in free Great Danes puppies in United States. This practice is not followed in Europe. During the older days, ears were cropped so that the wolves and boar don’t get hold of the animal. Later, this practice was considered to add a royal and majestic beauty to the animal in the show rings.

Great Danes are generally friendly and can mingle well with other pets. You can socialize the free Great Danes puppies from the childhood so that it sees other small pets as a member of your family. These well-disposed dogs are lovable pets for strict and unique masters.

Giant dogs have some health problems and Great Danes are no exception. You have to provide proper medical attention to your free Great Danes puppies to keep them away from diseases. The slow metabolism results in lower food consumption and less activity in Great Danes. Larger breeds should not be made to drink large quantities of liquids to prevent bloating. Irrespective of the need for more care, Great Danes are great pets that add simply majestic beauty to the ambiance. They are obedient too and you can feel proud to be a Great Danes master.

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