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Free Great Pyrenees Puppies For Sale

Great Pyrenees are mainly used as livestock guardian dogs. It is an old dog breed used by shepherds of the past. The coat of Great Pyrenees is generally white, but you can find free Great Pyrenees puppies in gray, red or tan colors. When the puppies mature, the coat thickens and the hair fades in color if the puppies are not pure white in color. The outer coat of a matured puppy is straight and wavy, while the inner coat is soft and thick.

When fully grown, Great Pyrenees look like large animals with sold body. The Great Pyrenees have single dewclaws on their forelegs and double dewclaws on the hind legs.

Great Pyrenees are excellent guarding dogs and he is a good family companions. He will be very attached to your family and it is not possible for him to move friendly with strangers. You can let him watch your livestock, as he is courageous and extremely loyal. He will even sacrifice his life if it is necessary to protect your family.

You need to socialize free Great Pyrenees puppies right from their puppyhood. Otherwise, they cannot play with your children. He is very gentle with your family when you grow him from his puppyhood. You have to be a hard and stubborn owner if you want to be a super master. The Great Pyrenees have the tendency to overcome the master because of their inherent stubborn nature. They bark a lot and a fenced yard is required to let them wander under limits. They should be exercised regularly to keep them fit.

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