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Free Harrier Puppies For Sale

Harrier is one of those breed of dogs, whose origin remain unknown till date though there are numerous stories regarding them. The breed was first discovered in the early middle ages and was basically used for hunting small animals that included rabbits, hares and foxes. It belongs to the hound class, but is a little smaller in its size. Nevertheless, it is very popular for its characteristic scent smelling trait. The price of a harrier puppy varies with its pedigree history and breeder.

At times, one may consider getting free harrier puppies to keep at home. You could do this if you have friends, who are in the breeding business and might consider giving you one from the litters.

Even though we get our hands on free harrier puppies, we would have to work pretty hard in their grooming. Irrespective of the breeds they come from, without proper care puppies and dogs look shabby and dirty. Our duty does not end by giving it a bath and brushing it. We must also take care of the dog’s nails, teeth and eyes at the same time.

Harriers are generally not suited for the hustle and bustle of the city life. Instead, they need ample space for their exercise and playing. Thus, if you thought getting free harrier puppies ends everything, think again! You must also consider the right place for the puppy to grow up. Being reserved with strangers, the breed is actually very playful and inquisitive.

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