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Free Irish Setter Puppies For Sale

Irish Setters, which has its origins in Ireland, are found to be very good pets. They are very affectionate and can be kept at homes where there are children. Being very lively and accommodating, free Irish Setter puppies can easily be bred in homes that have other pet animals.

Free Irish Setter puppies prefer having lot of activities to do and if kept in confinement can get bored. They love being taken for long walks and prefer company from your family members or other pets all the times. If they are kept alone for longer period, they tend to become hyperactive and are found to destruct things in their vicinity.

Usually free Irish Setter puppies are found to be quite healthy. However, they can be affected with diseases like epilepsy and hip dysplasia. They should be taken to the Vets at regular intervals, to ensure that they are in good health. Irish Setter puppies are found to have a silky coat of red color. It is suggested that the coat should be brushed from time to time to ensure that they are free from mats.

Compared to other breeds, Irish Setter are found to be less aggressive. They love being showered with a lot of affection. However, this feature does not take away their character of being a good guard dog. They are found to alert their owners in case they see any strangers.

You can buy one of these puppies from a pet shop or can even get free Irish Setter puppies from owners, who cannot take care of many puppies at a time.

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