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Free Irish Terriers Puppies For Sale

There are many breeds of Terriers found across the world. You will find a breed of Terriers in Ireland referred as Irish Terriers, which prove to be good pets. Dog lovers are always on the lookout for getting their hands on free Irish Terriers puppies to keep as pets.

Free Irish Terriers puppies are found to be very intelligent. They are very active, but are found to be very difficult to train. However if this breed is dealt with patience, it is possible to train them. Once trained, they can prove to be very good pets. They are found to be very agile, and are seen to be bagging many prizes at several dog shows around the world. They are very good at smelling and can be used for tracking.

The exact origin of Irish Terriers is not known. However, research suggests that they are natives of the British Isles. They are found to be very healthy and can live for around 14 years. It is seen that free Irish Terriers are rarely affected by eye diseases. They also do not have cases of hip dysplasia.

Irish Terriers have a wiry coat that can be either of red color or wheaten color, or a combination of both. If properly maintained, they would not shed their coats. The coats are easy to groom and stripping one time in a year keeps it well.

If you wanted a pet dog that would be healthy and easy to maintain, then you should definitely look out for free Irish Terriers puppies.

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