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Free Irish Water Spaniels Puppies For Sale

Irish Water Spaniels are one of the rarest, oldest and largest of all spaniels. This particular breed is actually a member of the Gundog group and native to Ireland. Nowadays Irish Water Spaniels are used for different types of game shooting activities, drug sniffing, obedience, agility, cancer prediction and drug sniffing.

Irish Water Spaniels are generally a bit taller and strongly built than other spaniels. You will find a curly topknot on the head of an Irish Water Spaniel puppy and the face of these puppies are smooth. The average height of Irish Water Spaniels range from 22 to 25 inches and weigh around 25 to 30 kg. The striking feature of these particular breed is their “rat like” tails, which are not too long compared to other dogs.

Although the price of the breed is on the higher side, you also have the option of getting free Irish Water Spaniels puppies in the market. There are frequent advertisements of these free Irish Water Spaniels puppies over the web and also in local newspapers. You will love these puppies since they are very alert, intelligent, quick to learn and inquisitive.

Free Irish Water Spaniels puppies require regular exercise from an experienced trainer. If you can look after these free Irish Water Spaniels properly, they can be extremely loyal and loving pets. These puppies can even display humorous antics at times while working and for these reason, they are known to be clownish dogs. They can also be gentle dogs with children and family but only with proper socialization.

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