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Free Irish Wolfhound Puppies For Sale

Irish Wolfhounds is a particular breed of domestic dog that derives its name from its purpose, but not from its appearance. These are the tallest of all dog breeds and are mainly deployed for wolf hunting. The distinguishing physical feature of this breed of dogs is its gigantic size. The weight of an average Irish Wolfhounds varies between 45 to 70 Kg.

Irish Wolfhounds are very powerful and muscular dogs that are gracefully built and have a commanding appearance. They have large heads along with a long muzzle. The ears are rose-shaped and are small in size, which hangs from the face and are dark-colored. Irish Wolfhounds have a long tail which is slightly curved and well covered with hair. The coats of these dogs consist of rough, unkempt looking and harsh hair.

Free Irish Wolfhounds puppies are available in the market, which are easy to train. These free Irish Wolfhounds puppies are very well behaved and quiet by nature. You can trust them for taking care of your children because they are known to be patient, well tempered, generous and thoughtful. Irish Wolfhounds puppies are conditionally loyal to both the owner and his family.

Free Irish Wolfhounds puppies can be available in many desired colors such as brindle, steel grey, red, wheaten, black, white steel grey, grey and fawn. Although these dogs are very willing and dignified, they may be deterrent just because of their size. It is advisable not to use these dogs as watch dogs because they have the nature of greeting everyone as their friend.

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