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Free Italian Cane Corso Puppies For Sale

Italian Cane Corso is the original Cane Corso breed, which belongs to Mastiff group and originates in Italy. These breed of dogs are strongly yet elegantly built and are medium-sized. Italian Cane Corsos have long and powerful muscles that are very distinguishable and represents agility, endurance and strength in them.

You can easily distinguish the Italian Cane Corso by its compact and muscular body. The skin of these dogs is rather thick and the head doesn’t have wrinkles of any sort. The neck of the breed is slightly arched and the coat of the body has short hair, which is no smooth but has a shiny, stiff, very dense adherent vitreous texture. The hair on the muzzle is very short, smooth and not more than 1 cm.

Free Italian Cane Corso puppies can be found in the market, which comes in many colors like light gray, black, light fawn, blue, deer fawn and dark fawn. You will notice a small white patch on the feet tips, on the nose and on the chest of these free Italian Cane Corso puppies. The height of a male Italian Cane Corso varies between 64-68 cm and that of their female counterparts lies around 45-50 cm.

Free Italian Cane Corso puppies are very willing to please family members and are very loyal to them. They are quiet around the house too. These puppies can be easily trained because they are very intelligent and active.

Italian Cane Corsos are known for their very stable temperament and they serve as excellent guard dogs.

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