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Free Italian Greyhound Puppies For Sale

Italian Greyhound is considered as sight hound type of dogs. They are also called as “I.G” or “Italians” in short. Sight hounds are also termed as gazehounds. This breed of dogs mainly hunts by their speed and sight, rather than scent and endurance like the scent hounds.

The I.G is smallest among the sight hounds. Although being companionship dogs, they are also used for hunting. They have mainly originated from Renaissance Italy. In 1886, they were originally registered by American Kennel Association.

You can find free Italian Greyhound puppies on web from their owners, who can’t take proper care of so many dogs all together. They are also known as Piccolo Levrieri Italiani. They have a deep chest, abdomen tucked up. The legs and the neck are long, but they have a small head and long pointed face.

Their body color is the subject of discussion. They may be parti-colored. They are slim and have a short coat, which makes them more fragile. Italian Greyhounds are approximately 12-15 inches long at their withers. Their weight varies from 6-10 pounds. Some of the free Italian Greyhounds puppies may weigh below 8 pounds and some above the weight too.

Generally, Italian Greyhounds are very much intelligent. They are very affectionate and make good companion dog. This breed is good for a family, as they enjoy the companionship of people. They are also friendly with your children. Shedding is similar as in other breeds, but shedding hair is very fine and soft.

You’ll always find your free Italian Greyhound puppies equally at your home and around the city. These young dogs are very fast, lively and athletic. Their activeness sometimes results in injury. Their life span is of 14 to 16 years under proper conditions.

So find free Italian Greyhound puppies and get a smallest sight hound for yourself!

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