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Free Jack Russell Terriers Puppies For Sale

It is very important to note that Jack Russell Terrier is mainly a working Terrier. By working Terrier, we mean those breed of dogs that can perform some specific task. They mainly run, chase and hunt fox and various animals. They were mainly bred throughout England to perform this special task. It is a type of a small terrier known for fox hunting. They have originated by Parson Jack Russell in 19th century. Parson Jack Russell was a hunter and he selected those traits that could help him in hunting.

If you want to have hunting dogs, then you can always opt for the free Jack Russell Terrier puppies. These dogs are fearless, very athletic and energetic to perform special work, such as hunting.

If you get free Jack Russell Terrier puppies, you can also use them as pets because of their small size. They are very intelligent and friendly in nature. They are generally very strong and fast, which helps them in hunting.

Jack Russell Terrier is generally small and white-bodied. They are mainly rough-coated or smooth terrier. Sometimes, there may be type of black or brown spots in the skin. Their head is of fair width at their ears and have a distinctive black nose. One of the distinctive features is their tail, which is placed high and of 5 inches in length.

Jack Russell Terriers are tough Terriers. They are approximately 10" and 15" long at their withers and their approximate weight is between 14 to 18 pounds. You can face some problem while training your free Jack Russell Terrier puppies because of their stubborn and willful character. However, they can be a good pet also, as they are very friendly and gentle with children and those, who know the technique of approaching dogs. These breeds mainly survive for 11 to 18 years.

So, search for free Jack Russell Terriers puppies and get great hunting dogs for yourself!

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