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Free Karelian Bear Dog Puppies For Sale

These dogs have a Finnish or Karelian origin. They are known for their fearless nature. Generally, a Karelian Bear dog has wonderful physical attributes and very sharp reflexes. The females have an average height of 50 to 54 cm while the males have an average height of 55 to 60 cm. These dogs have a remarkable coat with soft but stiff guard hairs. The guard hairs are strikingly straight with not a single curl whatsoever. The undercoat is smooth and soft. The coat of a Karelian Bear Dog is invariably black with whitish marks. Sometimes the black hairs have slight brownish tints at the ends.

These dogs are brave and very loyal to their masters. Though they are initially a little cautious with strangers, they are eventually able to develop a friendship. They are very independent and are actually hunter dogs. A Karelian Bear Dog needs proper training and socializing opportunities. They tend to mistrust harsh masters or trainers. Thus they should have trainers with compatible temperaments. They are hardworking and silent hunters and are never short of alertness when they have a prey nearby.

They love their masters and the other humans around whom they are raised. They have an instinctive love for children and enjoy playing with them.

If you want to train a Karelian Bear Dog adequately, you need to raise it since its puppy-hood. You can look for free Karelian Bear Dog puppies, if you find them a bit expensive to buy. The Internet has hundreds of websites where families and trainers advertise puppies for sale or for free adoption.

If you look at the correct places and if you are lucky, you can get hold of free Karelian Bear Dog puppies.

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