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Free Keeshonden Puppies For Sale

Keeshonden are dogs of German origin and were originally called the German Spitz. They are brilliant jumpers and are extremely playful in nature. They are very quick learners and have sharp reflexes. They have an instinctive eagerness to please.

Keeshonden are popular as obedience dogs and are bound to impress one by their agility. These joyful dogs are wonderful receivers of training and after being adequately trained have successfully served as guide dogs for the visually impaired. They have a sturdy built despite their small size.

They love human company and are wonderful family dogs. They like children a lot. They are well known for their empathy and intuition and thus they often play the role of comfort dogs. Compared to all other breeds of dogs, Keeshonden have the maximum tendency to get attached to their masters. Thus, they are often referred to as “owner’s shadow”.

Their obedience and strong affinity towards humans make Keeshonden very popular family pets. People prefer to pet Keeshonden from puppy-hood as that makes mutual bonding easier. There are lots of nurseries from where you can buy Keeshonden puppies. If you find these nurseries a bit expensive, you can look for places where you can find free Keeshonden puppies. Today, there are a large number of websites on the Internet where many families advertise their puppies for sale or for free adoption.

If you look in the right places and if you are lucky enough, getting hold of free Keeshonden puppies would not be very difficult.

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