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Free Komondorok Puppies For Sale

Komondorok originate from Hungary and resemble a mop. They can boast of having the heaviest fur in the canine fraternity. They have a unique corded whitish coat and the cords are thick and long. The heavy body has a remarkable coarseness. Male Komondorok have an average height of 28 inches while the females have an average height of 27 inches.

These dogs surprise people with their agility. They are livestock guardian dogs and are steady under normal circumstances. When its charges are in any kind of trouble, a Komondor will shed all its calmness and will defend them without any fear.

Komondorok are very independent and have strong decision-making abilities. They are extremely careful and gentle with the children of the family in which they are raised. They are very loving and affectionate towards the family members and people who visit the family regularly. Komondorok are particularly protective of its master and his family. They have an inherent tendency of guarding the master’s home and belongings.

To make a Komondor an efficient flock guardian, obedience training from an age as early as four months is absolutely essential. Thus it is best to pet and train Komondorok from their puppy-hood. There are nurseries and clubs from where one can buy Komondorok puppies. If you find these to be expensive options, you can look for places where you might find free Komondorok puppies. There are a large number of websites on the Internet where families and breeders advertise puppies for sale or for free adoption.

If you look in the right place and are a bit patient you might easily get hold of free Komondorok puppies who can grow up to be brilliant livestock guardians.

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