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The labradoodle is a hybrid between the Labrador retriever and the standard poodle. Originally bred in Australia, the intention behind mixing these two breeds was to combine the trainability of the Labrador along with the gentleness of the poodle. Many times, the resulting offspring shows the desired traits but the behaviour sometimes cannot be predicted. Labradoodles are usually energetic, friendly and pleasant with children. They love swimming and have a strong affinity towards water.

The coat of the labradoodle can be categorised into three types. The first one is wool where the fur is curly much like the poodle but of a much softer texture. The second category is called fleece where the hair is wavy and soft. The third category is the hair type where the hair can be wavy or curly yet soft but resembles the Labrador’s coat mostly. Free Labradoodle puppies come usually in crème colour or red colours. Labradoodles bred over successive generations may have the genes of many other breeds such as the spaniel.

Labradoodles enjoy outdoor games. This trait is similar to both the parents from which this breed is obtained. Free labradoodle puppies make excellent walking and jogging companions. Maintaining a labradoodle involves regular brushing and grooming of the coat. If the labradoodle shows the low shedding trait of the parent poodle, maintaining the coat would not be too difficult.

The labradoodle is usually healthy though it may have some minor problems which are common in both Labrador and the poodle. Hip dysplacia and eye problems are some health issues. Taking an X-Ray of the parents before breeding can reduce the occurrence of these problems to some extent.

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