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Free Lakeland Terriers Puppies For Sale

The Lakeland terrier gets its name from the area called Lake District in England where it originated. It is one of the oldest breeds from the terrier family that are in existence today. There are many free Lakeland terrier puppies in different pet shops which can easily be purchased. The English Terrier, Black Terrier, Border terrier, Dinmont Terrier and the Bedlington terrier are all relatives of the Lakeland terrier. The Lakeland terrier is one of the oldest working breeds of dog. They were originally used to kill foxes that raided the farms during the lambing season

Physical Traits

Lakeland terriers grow up to a height of thirty eight centimetres and can up to eight kilograms. They shed very little hair which makes them easy to groom. They have small and expressive eyes. Lakeland Terriers are available in ten different colours which vary from black, tan and grey, brown, red grizzle, liver, Wheaton and blue. They have a black nose and the pads of the feet are also black.

Free Lakeland terrier puppies though were originally used to hunt encroaching fox; they also have a very gentle and a friendly side to them. These free Lakeland puppies have a good grasping power which makes them easy to train. They have an independent mind and can be very stubborn and behave deaf when they are either bored with the present activity or with something else that catches their attention. Since they are bold and fearless, they also make good watch dogs.

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