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Free Lowchen Puppies For Sale

Lowchen when translated to French means ‘little lion’. It shows only a few similarities with that of a lion. One of the rarest breeds of dogs, there are on an average only around 120 registrations of this breed annually around the world. Free Lowchen puppies are available in many different kennel shops. The name of the breed though means a little lion, it seldom behaves like one. Nicknamed ‘toy dog’ they make good companion dogs are found in rich homes and royal courts. This dog is mainly bred in countries of Europe such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands and France.

Physical Traits

They have a thick and a dense coat which is shaved in such a way so as to give the appearance of a lion’s mane. The hair is a mix of thick and wavy types which to some extent makes their maintenance a little difficult. They have a broad skull with a wide muzzle. The round eyes are full of life an expressive and are usually brown or black in colour. Free Lowchen puppies are available in a wide range of colours but the eyes must be black or brown.

By nature, these dogs are least aggressive and hence can be used only as a house pet. If you are looking for a lively and an entertaining companion, the Lowchen is the breed for you. Free Lowchen puppies are very friendly and warm. They are very nice with children and are social too which make them ideal family pets.

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