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Free Maltese Puppies For Sale

The Maltese is a small dog which makes a good companion, grows to a maximum of 10 inches and weighs around 6 to 9 pounds. It has a luxurious coat which hangs to the ground on either side of its head from a parting in the middle, and this is a single coat of shiny thick hair. Maltese free puppies are hardy dogs, whose coats are usually white, but can be a cream color too. The ear and tail are also thickly covered in hair, while the eyes are dark and round with rims around them. This is a sturdy breed which is fine boned and appears to be delicate.

They make excellent pets as they are playful and intelligent and get on well with other pets in the house. They love to play outdoors, but the only problem with this is that their long fur gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. They need to be disciplined and should not be fed from the table as they could go off their regular food then. Maltese have to be taught who the boss around the place is or they could become a bit snappish with kids. Too much of petting makes them difficult to handle and they could become jealous of visitors also.

Maltese can live in apartments and remain active even in small spaces. Taking them for a walk on a daily basis does help them to expel some of their energy. Their life span is around 15 to 18 years. They need to be brushed everyday and the area around their eyes and mouth should be cleaned regularly.

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