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Free Maremma LGD Puppies For Sale

The Maremma LGD is a working breed which hails from Italy. The Maremma is basically a sheepdog and was reared for the specific purpose of doing this job only.  Maremma LGD free puppies grow up to be majestic animals and are a large breed. They grow to a maximum height of 28 inches and weigh almost a hundred pounds at adulthood. This breed has a double coat, with the inner coat being soft and thick and the outer coat being slightly wavy, rough and thick. They shed their coat of long hair at least twice a year. Their coloring varies from ivory and pale orange to shades of lemon.

This is a loyal hardworking breed and cannot be happy if it is kept as just a pet with nothing much to do. It is an alert and watchful dog and is good with other pets and even children. They guard the family, farm and flocks well. It is best to train them while they are still young in a firm but kind manner, and with respect and continuity. They will not respond to harsh training.

These are large dogs which cannot be kept in an apartment or even in the city as they need large spaces with a lot of physical exercise and mental activity. They are best in a farm or rural place where they can run around and do a job.

These dogs need regular brushing and more so while they are shedding more hair. The paws and ears should be cleaned regularly. These dogs cannot tolerate warm climate.

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