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Free Mastiffs Puppies For Sale

This is a large breed of dog which almost became extinct but was saved with breeding in Canada and the United States. A working breed, the Mastiff free puppies grow up to a height of 27.5 inches and weigh almost 190 pounds as adults. In ancient times this breed was a guard dog and   the nobility used it as a companion for hunting. They also were made to participate in arenas as gladiators and participate in dog combats. The Mastiff has a double coat with the inner coat thick and close to the body and the outer coat straight, coarse and short. Their coats are brindled, fawn or apricot in color and the hair shedding is average. The ears, muzzle and nose are black in color.

This is one of the heaviest breeds of dogs and is powerful and muscular and can weigh up to 200 pounds. They are dominant animals and are courageous, alert and without fear. An intelligent breed, the Mastiff is loyal to the family and loves to be with humans and hates being left alone for long periods. They cannot be kept with pets which they have not been raised with and are protective and possessive about their family. Only a person who understands dogs should keep a Mastiff and new pet owners should not attempt to keep them.

The person handling this dog should be dominant and the mastiff should be trained as a puppy for obedience. Training should not be harsh. Though they are happy to please their owner they may not be easy to train.

Mastiffs have a tendency to snore and to drool. Not much care is required for their coats and an occasional brushing with a firm brush will do. Bathing should be done only when required.

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