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Free Mi-Ki Puppies For Sale

The Mi-Ki breed of dogs is from Penang. They are a small breed which grows to a size of just eleven inches and weighs a maximum of 10 pounds. They are great pets and are good with children and can be kept along with cats too. Their life expectancy is between 13 and fifteen yeas of age. These small dogs are quite easy to train and are very friendly by nature. Kids who own these dogs prefer to carry them around instead of their teddy bears or dolls. A dark coat is most popular though brown, blue and ruby are also acceptable. The nose of the Mi-Ki has wide nostrils and flat on top but is never pinched and is of medium size. The color of the nose is usually black. Their ears are either droopy or stand erect, but both should be in the same direction. When the Mi-Ki free puppies are excited their ears are "winging". They have a medium length neck which should never be thick or short.

This sweet natured calm animal is also very intelligent and has a moderate or low rate of activity. They are also very alert and friendly and are known to be ideal companions for those who are handicapped. Very obedient by nature they do not bark a lot but are unusually quiet. They are ideal as therapy dogs and are very safe to have around children. These dogs can live in apartments and are easy to train. Their upkeep is also easy and they do not shed hair.

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