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Free Miniature Bull Terriers Puppies For Sale

This is a breed that was originally used for combat sport and is a mix of an English Terrier, Bulldog and a little of a Spanish Pointer in its blood. Now they are used for many different kinds of purposes like a watchdog, a herder, a ratter and a guard dog. Both the Standard and the Miniature Bull Terriers have the same origin. This is a small breed of dog which grows to a maximum height of 14 inches and weighs about 33 pounds as an adult. Their coat is flat and short and is rough to touch but glossy. The skin should be taught and not wrinkled and loose. The coat is usually pure white in color.

Though a friendly dog it can be difficult to handle at times to handle. It is not advisable to keep the Bull Terrier with other small pets or along with children. However, if they grow up along with other pets they are amicable to them. The owner should be someone who is used to handling dogs of this nature. This breed should have obedience training when quite young and be handled firmly right through.

Though their socializing habits are not good, the Miniature Bull Terrier free puppies are loyal to its owner and protective about its territory. This breed does not need to be groomed regularly as it has short hair, just a regular brushing will do. The nails should be clipped twice a month and the ears have to be cleaned regularly. An active breed it needs a little space like a yard and loves to romp around and go for walks. It needs a daily exercise of at least one hour.

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