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Free Miniature Pinschers Puppies For Sale

This toy breed is an adventurous and energetic one which is friendly and courageous. These Miniature Pinchers free puppies are known as the "king of the toys". Their tails are normally docked and the ears are erect. An endearing and lovable pet they love to explore new avenues. They grow to a maximum of 12.5 inches and weigh ten pounds at the most. Their coloring is usually tan, black, rust, chocolate, stag red or clear red. Their coat is short haired and they do not require much maintenance; the most common colors being rust, black and stag red. This toy breed is playful and alert, but need to be allowed to socialize as puppies as they can be very wary of new faces. They enjoy the company of their own breed, but can be left with other pets if they are broken in to be with them gently. They can be left with children who are well behaved. They can be stubborn and need firm handling.

Inquisitive as a breed, they need to be exercised regularly.  They can be kept in apartments but would need a few regular walks as they are very spirited pets. They have to be handled with patience and are eager to learn and are easy to train, but need consistency in their training. A low maintenance breed because of their short hair, an occasional brushing will do and they can be wiped with a wet cloth to remove any excess hair which is dropping.

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