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Free Miniature Schnauzers Puppies For Sale

The Miniature Schnauzers free puppies are a robust and active breed very much like their cousin the Standard Schnauzer. They grow to a maximum height of 14 inches and are almost square in shape as their height and length is almost the same. Their ears when they are not cropped are V shaped and close to the head which is rectangular in shape. The muzzle is blunt and the whiskers are thick. They have a well arched strong neck with the skin tightly binding the throat area.

This breed has a double coat with the inside one being close to the body and the outer coat being wiry and hard. You must pluck the tail, chest, ears, neck and head. If this dog is being entered in a show the hair should be left to grow so that the judges can see the texture of the coat. The coat is colored fully black, silver and black, pepper and salt while the skin is always uniform no mater what the color of the coat is.

This is an obedient breed though it is active and spirited and loves to run about. Is ever ready to please its owners and should be kept well exercised and not allowed to become overly aggressive. The Miniature Schnauzers should be given obedience training while they are still young so that they follow this trait into adulthood. If training is delayed they fall into a set pattern of having their own way.

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