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Free Mixed Dog Breeds Puppies For Sale

This is something that happens when the owners of a female of a particular breed have not planned to have her mated, but it happens in any case accidentally with a male of a different breed. Owners often do not want to have their dogs mated, but if they are careless in keeping their bitch who has come on heat indoors and safe and secure she is an easy target for many of the unscrupulous males in the neighborhood. This results in mixed dog breed free puppies who will show traits of both breeds. Sometimes more of one breed than the other.  Puppies from the same parents can end up looking totally different if they take after each respective parent in size, traits and color. The coats could also be of the two different breeds and though they are from the same litter can be poles apart.

Their traits and characteristics will be of the two breeds concerned. They could be snappy or happy dogs, large built or small boned and need grooming and caring according to the breed whose traits are more prominent in each puppy. Because of the two totally different strains in the puppies they tend to be stronger, more intelligent and alert than any one of the breeds which their parents belonged to. Often thorough bred dogs tend to loose their immunity and are week because of too much of in breeding. However, mixed bred dogs are always stronger and can overcome most diseases. They could grow to various sizes, either take on the smaller breeds build or a small mother could end up having puppies like the father. They make good pets and though they do not have the certificates to prove their breed are great dogs to own.

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