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Free Native American Indian Dog Puppies For Sale

The Native American Indian Dog free puppies make excellent pets as they form a great bond with the family and are very mellow as pets. They make good companion dogs as they are intelligent, sensitive, adaptable and hardworking. With all these traits they are wary of strangers and keep to themselves when people they do not know are around. Being of a protective nature they are good with children. Easy to train they should be handled sensitively and not in a harsh manner during training.  People who are in need of companions like those who are single, those whose children have moved on, the old who have lost their spouse, and even those who live on farms would benefit from a companion dog like this.

With a medium sized frame this canine is athletic and has a coat which could be short or thick and long. The color combinations of their coats are silver, black and tortoise shell type.

The Native American Indian Dog is a robust breed that can live up to 18 years with not many health problems. They are quite easy to groom and need just regular brushing. They may loose more hair during spring and fall and this is when they should be brushed regularly. This otherwise mellow natured dog is a very inquisitive and active animal, so it is not easy to keep it in an apartment, but they need more space to run around freely and explore. Apart from walking them everyday, they should also be let loose in a secure area to romp and play.

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