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Free Native American Village Dogs Puppies For Sale

This rare breed in North America, the Native American Village Dogs has been developed so that a dog can be offered which has qualities such as intelligence, loyalty, sensitivity, having hypoallergenic qualities and a capacity to blend with family members, adults and children alike and also other household pets in a home. The breed is a combination of sled dogs like Chinook, domestic dogs like malamutes, German Shepherds and other dogs of Indian reservations.


Size: The height of the males range from 25-32” inches among the males and females are anywhere between 21 and 26”.

The weight of the males varies from 31-44 kg and females between 27 and 37 kg. Colour: The Native American Indian Dog are found in 2 colour combinations, either silver to black or tortoise-shell colour to the typical colour of the Native Americans that is, the broken pattern covering.

Coating: Since they are hunters and need protection from snow, wind and water, Native American Village Dogs are always densely double-coated.

Eyes: Warm Almond-shaped eyes which are brown, dark amber brown or green look beseechingly at us.

Ears: They are upright and have sharp hearing capabilities.

Feet: Since they have webbed feet, the Native Americans used Native American Village Dogs for fishing, hunting and pulling loads.

Tail: The tail is long, and bent down at the end, but it can also be curled.

Head: It is angular shaped with wide-set eyes and a slender snout.

Litter size

The size of a standard litter is 4-10 free Native American Village pups.


The general dog food including corn and fruits is ideal.

Preferred Environment

Native American Village Dogs need some space to run about and play, but always preferring to be at stone’s throw from their owners.


They are expected to live till the age of 15 to 20 years.

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