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Free Newfoundland Puppies For Sale

This excellent watchdog, the Newfoundland derives it name from its country of origin, Newfoundland in Canada. This wonderful swimmer which is huge and strong with a pleasing and patient disposition is at its best in water. It is used as a water rescuer that is to retrieve objects that have fallen overboard, for hauling in nets, carrying and pulling loads and most importantly, to save drowning ship passengers during storms.

The Newfoundland is said to be a cross between Tibetan mastiffs brought by the British and the local dogs. This working dog is similar to the Labrador Retriever.


Size: The body length is around 6 ft. and it stands 21-26” tall. The males weigh 55-75 kg and the females weigh 40-55 kg.

Colour: The colour can be black, grey or brown. Some are a mixture of black and white, with the face black and the feet, tail or chest white.

Coating: It has an oily coat that resists water and webbed feet to enable it to swim in water. Eyes: They are dark brown and small in size.

A short and wide muzzle is visible in the Newfoundland. Triangular ears and a tail that hangs down characterize this species, the Newfoundland.

Puppies A lot of people bring the free Newfoundland pups as a pet in their home because they are intelligent, gentle and are natural watchdogs for children and show them immense love.

Diet Their special need is plenty of drinking water.

Preferred Environment Due to its heaviness, its body movement is very slow. It is inactive and lazy in an apartment and needs an exercise like swimming in cool areas.

Lifespan The Newfoundland lives for 9-15 years. The average age is 10 years.

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