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Free Norfolk Terriers Puppies For Sale

The Norfolk Terrier, the smallest terrier is a happy, spirited and active beast. Fearless and affectionate by nature, it wilts without human touch. Balls are its favourite playthings and mutual love exists between the Norfolk Terrier and children. They are self-confident and undemanding but bark when they are bored. These are basically barn dogs which kill rats and pests. Both, the Norfolk and the Norwich Terrier were initially seen as one breed. It was later differentiated by the English and the folded ears of the Norfolk Terrier were its distinguishing factor.


Size: The height of the Norfolk Terrier is 10-11” and it weighs about 5 kg. Colour: It can be red, black or brown.

Coating: Its undercoat is soft but the outer coat is wiry and rough.

Eyes: The eyes of the Norfolk Terrier are usually dark and communicative.

Ears: Its hanging ears fall over its cheeks.

Although it legs are very short, the Norfolk Terrier has a sturdy, strong and balanced bone and body structure and is therefore, very agile.

Litter A Norfolk Terrier gives birth to 2 puppies at a time. The demand of the free Norfolk Terrier pups are more than the supply at all times because it is a very popular household pet.

Preferred Environment It is quite energetic and active indoors but needs to be exercised regularly outdoors. They can be trained easily.

Lifespan Its average lifespan in 12-16 years but a healthy Norfolk Terrier is known to survive for 2 decades.

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