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Free Norwich Terriers Puppies For Sale

The Norwich and Norfolk Terriers started out as one breed but were separated by the British in 1964.

Differences: Norwich Terrier has prick ears and the Norfolk Terrier has drop ears. The body structure of the Norwich Terrier is more rounded than the Norfolk. The trait of envy is more dominant in Norfolk Terriers.

Temperament The Norwich thrives on the company of people rather than its own breed. It was bred as a ratter and a hunter. Although they have an independent mind, Norwich Terriers are not hostile by nature. These daring, bright and loving terriers are very attached to their owners and have a wonderful way with children.

Appearance Size: This small terrier weighs 5-6 kg. Its height is about 10”. Its bone structure is short, strong and sturdy.

Colour: They can be red, brown or black with few white patches on its body.

Coating: It has a wiry and water-resistant coat but the undercoat is soft.

Eyes and ears: Dark and expressive eyes and prick ears are the distinct features of the Norwich Terrier.

Litter They have small litters consisting of 1-3 pups. If the free Norwich Terrier pups are brought into contact with other pets from the beginning, they learn to adjust and co-exist peacefully.

Diet Fresh meat, Vegetables, rice and chicken can be fed to the Norwich Terrier but feeding more than the required amount should be strictly avoided.

Preferred Environment They are active indoors but being so full of life they need to be exercised outdoors everyday too.

Lifespan If provided with a healthy environment, they can survive until 16 years of age.

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