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Free Papillons Puppies For Sale

Papillon is a cuddy toy dog that is alert, elegant and playful that is devoted to their owners. Intelligent and friendly, the papillon is not that shy or aggressive in nature.

If you are looking for a gentle, loving and obedient pet, the papillon is your choice. You will have no difficulty in finding papillon puppies. There are hundreds of free Pappillon puppies’ directories to search. Even at the local breeder, you may come across a friendly Papillon puppy. The Internet is a good source for searching free papillon puppies, where you can come across papillon puppies’ history, photos and other valuable information. Well, before buying a Papillion puppy, take your own time to learn more about the breed.

With a long, silky and flowing coat, the Papillon is white with patches of red, orange, black, sable or tan. In the chest area, the coat is fluffy and is fringed at the ears.

Though the papillon breed is not that high strung, they are quick to alert of any visitor or any danger. Very obedient and agile, the Papillon is a real companion of the family. The papillon learns faster than any other breed; training a papillon breed is easy. They love outdoors and to accompany you in your travels.

Grooming a papillon puppy is also so easy as they do not shed frequently. A light brushing every day and a bath once a week is enough to keep the papillon healthy and clean.

Agile, intelligent and loving, Papillon is a real companion at home.

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