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Free Parson Russell Terriers Puppies For Sale

Parson Russell Terriers are basically the descendants of fox-working terriers, from the hunting field.  These were formerly known as the Jack Russel Terriers. The American Kennel club recognized them in the year 2001, but the free Parson Russell Terriers puppies have emerged as one of the most commonly bred puppies.

Free parson Russel terriers can be easily located on web. They are in different colors like brown, reddish black and tan. Their chest is comparatively smaller and their body is very light. Their eyes are almond shaped and coat is broken of varied quality.

Parson Russel terriers are often prone to eye diseases, knee cap dislocations and diseases of hip joints. These are quite social and pleasant to be with, but they definitely need ample exercise to prevent from being terrible nuisance makers. Their life expectancy is around 15 years.

Parson Russel terriers are very energetic and own a happy-go-lucky nature. They can very well mingle with those owners, who have the same attributes along with sense of humor. But at the same time, these terriers get easily bugged when handled roughly. So, they should not be kept with children. These terriers are excellent in different activities like conformation, agility, earthdog and obedience.

So, if you have free Parson Russell Terriers, you not only save money but you also get to own loyal and loving puppies. After all, these puppies are quite eager to please all the family members and be in the regular limelight.

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