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Free Pembroke Welsh Corgis Puppies For Sale

Pempoke Welsh Corgis: Smallest herding dogs

Pempoke Welsh Corgis represent the peed of smallest herding dogs. They have originated in Wales. They belong to Welsh corgis, with the other prominent peed being the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

In spite of their small body and shorts legs, free Pempoke Welsh Corgis puppies are athletic and intelligent. The size of their legs is not a hindrance, when it comes to running and jumping, just like other dogs do. This attribute was originally utilized to herd sheep, cattle and horses, through heel nipping.

The color of the coats of free Pempoke Welsh Corgis puppies can be tan, black, frawn or even sable. Their over coat is comparatively thicker than their inner coats, which happen to be soft. At least, twice every year, the free Pempoke Welsh Corgis puppies shed their coats.

Amazingly, the ancient free Pempoke Welsh Corgis puppies had bob tails, but due to consistent docking, the tail turned to be vestigial. Since docking is being strictly banned in some countries, the peeders are trying to initialize the functioning of the bob tails.

Spinal problems and arthritis are quite prevalent In Pempoke Welsh Corgis, due to their spine length. Their longevity comprises to around 12-14 years. This peed tends to gain weight, if it remains inactive. Pempoke Welsh Corgis are also prone to osteoarthritis and degenerative myelopathy.

Basically, free Pempoke Welsh Corgis puppies are outstanding companions and excellent competitors at dog agility. You are sure to get a great companion to your family, once you get your hands on one of them.

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