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Free Pharaoh Hound Puppies For Sale

Pharaoh hound represents the sight hound dog breeds. It is the known as Matla’s national dog. Moreover, it’s also famous as the world's oldest dog, which has been domesticated in the history Pharaoh hound puppies appear athletic, powerful and yet quite elegant.  Despite of not having enough musculature or excess bulkiness, this breed is suite strong. The breed has the inherent look of alertness and intelligence. One can easily search for free Pharaoh hound puppies online, taking into consideration one’s own demand and need.

There is no feathering present in the coat of Free Pharaoh hound puppies. The texture, at times, is both smooth and silky. The shades in which the coat is available varies from reddish to tan, along with touches of chestnut. Though there might be rare occurrences of black colored Free Pharaoh hound puppies, they are often considered as a disqualification. There eyes are of blue color when they are born, but it changes to yellow when Pharaoh hound puppies enter their puppyhood. With the onset of adulthood, the eye color further deepens.

Though Pharaoh hound puppies are quite aloof when it comes to interacting with strangers, they are very social on the overall basis. This independent breed can be easily trained through consistent practice. Though, this breed is fairly vocal, it cannot be utilized for guarding, as they are hardly aggressive. Its life expectancy is around 11-14 years. Though this breed doesn’t have major genetic health ailments, it is susceptible to insecticides. At the same time due to their thin coat, they can easily catch cold and hence should not be left outside for long.

In a nutshell, Pharaoh hound is the active breed, which can be bred for those who seek disciplined pets. So, free Pharaoh hound puppies are social and independent pets, which would never pose you problems.

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