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Men have been keeping dogs as pets for ages. Not only were they useful as pets, but also could help men in their work. This has made them a favorite when it comes to pets among other users. Dogs were used by people for guarding their stock as well as helping them in hunting expeditions. Men were also seen using dogs for amusement by making them to take part in dog fighting.

Special breeds used mainly for dog fighting are commonly referred as Pit Bulls. It is believed that Pit Bulls, which exist nowadays, have originated from the English bulldogs and terriers. The English and Irish immigrants to USA are believed to have bought the free Pit Bulls puppies along with them, long back in the 1800s. This breed of dogs has from then on become largely popular with the Americans. From then on, the breed has been used by most individuals either for helping them in their farms or in making money by using them for dog fighting.

Free Pit Bull puppies also became more popular during the World War I, and were used in various propaganda campaigns in America. It is however seen that there have been a large number of cases against these puppies. The breed has been found to be very aggressive towards other dogs and got involved in large numbers of cases with dog bites.

Presently many places in the United States of America ban the breeding of free Pit Bulls puppies. You must acquire special licenses to breed Pit Bulls in those areas.

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