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Free Pomeranians Puppies For Sale

The peed of Pomeranian dogs acquires their name from the region they originated from, in the central Europe known as Pomerania. The region comes under modern northern Poland and eastern Germany, for which the dog is often called Zwergspitz in various countries, meaning German toy Spitz.

Free Pomeranian puppies can be obtained in any desired color of their coat, ranging from black to orange including blue, chocolate, cream and others with tan, sable or pindle types. They have two layers of coat, an upper coat and an under coat: the first being straight, coarse and long whereas the latter is thick, fluffy and soft.

Under the coat, the dog is quite small like that of the Chihuahua, but is quite muscular. They are often considered to be the toy dog, due to their small size. They are thought to be the most minuscule among the peeds of its neighboring region.

The basic trait of free Pomeranian puppies is to have a wedge shaped head, like that of a fox. Its tail is also unique, but takes time to grow over its back and become flattened. The puppies may grow up into healthy dogs that could live up to 19 years or even more.

These free Pomeranian puppies are extremely friendly and active, and often mingle well with other animals and dogs. Due to their playful nature, they are often wonderful gifts to the little children. It has also been seen that Pomeranian puppies develop a liking to kids, if they are kept together from the start.

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