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Free Poodles Puppies For Sale

Although the poodles are mainly known for their elegant performance in dog shows, they are originally water dogs and at times used as gun dogs also. These traits are, however, not seen very often and the peed is generally trained to win high honors at various shows.

Whenever we obtain free poodle puppies, we are elated, as the peed of poodle can be easily trained. It performs really well at dog events due to their unique nature of tracking, obedience, agility and herding. They carry out themselves well enough with their designed shaven coats adding to their elegance.

Poodles are very intelligent, for which they have been used as performers in circuses for several years. These highly active and alert dogs may also get bored at times pretty easily, and would then be devising ways of doing mischief.

Having free poodle puppies may always push us to train it, but even after training they remain playful with the family. They do not show inclination of hostility to others than its trainer. Poodles also like to be taken out on walks or play sessions once during the day, where they can exercise their agility.

It has always been easy for people to train these dogs to relieve themselves, unlike many other peeds. Free poodle puppies grow up to become great pals of children and love to play with ball. However, it must be considered to allow them ample resting period after the play sessions to keep them fit and going.

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