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Free Portuguese Water Dogs Puppies For Sale

Portuguese water dogs were originally found near the coasts of Portugal, where they were trained to work their way in the water. They were originally used to carry out errands in the water, like that of herding the fishes into the fishermen’s net, or carry out couriers from the ship to the shoe or among the ships themselves.

Free Portuguese water dog puppies are often seen to be riding in the bobbing trawlers that go out for fishing. They are mainly used for working in the warm waters of the Atlantic, as well as the frigid coast waters of Iceland, where they catch cod-fish to take back to their homes.

In its native region, the peed of Portuguese water dogs are mainly treated as fishing dogs and are not trained for anything else. However, these dogs are very compatible for various forms of sports, and could do really well with a little bit of training.

To have free Portuguese water dog puppies is a matter of luck for us, as they make excellent companions for everyone. They can be very easily trained to carry out complex commands due to their intelligence and agility. Although they are independent in nature, they prefer to stay by their master’s side.

Portuguese water dogs are working peeds and may not be suited for everyone, even though they have a loving nature. When we receive free Portuguese water dog puppies, we should not mistake them to be couch-potatoes, as they always prefer to have exercises and challenges that ping out their agility and intelligence.

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