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Free Prague Ratter Puppies For Sale

Prague Ratter, originally known as the Prazky Krysarik, is mostly found in the Slovakia and Czech Republic. They are a peed of small dogs but are extremely agile and active. In the earlier days, they were to be found in palaces also, but as days passed the ordinary people used them as rat-catchers.

Free Prague ratter puppies come in very handy because of their alert, active and lively nature, for which they are popular in their native land. They are often very fond of the family members that ping them up from their infancy, but are pretty suspicious of the strangers.

When we try to get free Prague ratter puppies, we should opt for variety of coat colors to choose from. However, tanned black is the most common color in them. The coat often has very glossy and short hairs complementing the short height and size of the peed.

Prague Ratters are very intelligent, gentle and full of life. Thus, when someone offers free Prague ratter puppies, anyone would hardly say no to them. With good grooming, they would become well acquainted with the family and be a good sport.

Like most other peed of small dogs, Prague ratters are also susceptible of having bone injuries and other ailments like that of patellar luxation. They may live up to 14 years, but generally seem to retain their baby teeth causing future dental problems. Thus, we should always keep free Prague Ratter puppies under close monitoring.

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