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Free Pugs Puppies For Sale

Pugs are a type of small breed of dogs that have a short muzzled and wrinkly face. Pugs are also referred to as puglets when they are small puppies. These particular breed is also known as “multum in parvo” which means ‘much in little’. It describes the remarkable personality of the breed despite its small size.

Pugs have a cobby body that includes a compact form, well developed muscles and a deep chest. Free pugs puppies tend to have wrinkles on their foreheads that are deep and distinct. The ears of these puppies have soft and smooth ears, which appear like black velvet.  They usually come in two varieties namely the “rose” and the “button”. The lower teeth of Pugs generally protrude farther outside than their upper, which meets in an under-bite.

Free Pugs puppies have fine glossy coats, which come in different colors like fawn, apricot, silver and black. The silver coat of these puppies is characterized by a light-colored coat that has no black guard hairs. Pugs generally have a very dark head that has no clear delineation between their mask and their forelegs. The tails of Pugs puppies curl tightly over their hip and usually a double curl is considered perfect.

If you desire to own pugs, you can go for free pugs puppies as they are highly sociable and playful. You can notice a true sense of fun in these puppies. They are very clever and charming that makes them succeed in better dog obedience skills.

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