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Free Pulik Puppies For Sale

Pulik is one of the ancient breeds of Hungarian sheep dog. They are medium sized and are sturdy having a unique and corded coat. In fact, a full adult coat of Pulik can even reach the ground. Although some colors of the breed are not permitted in many countries, shades of apricot, black and rarer white are permissible in the U.K. They were used as sheep dogs several thousand years ago after which they migrated into the Hungary region.

The height of average Pulik varies between 16 to 18 inches while the weight of these dogs lies between 11 to 16 kg. The body shape of Pulik is generally square like, although they are fairly muscular and fine boned. If you observe these dogs, you will notice that their head appear egg shaped from the side, while it appears rounded from the front. Their eyes are dark brown and almond shaped and ears are medium sized.

There are many varieties of free Pulik puppies available in the market that can be owned by anyone. If you desire to own the breed, you can even look for free pulik puppies over the web. Having them as pet is very easy, since they are very lively and cheerful dogs. They are loyal to the entire family. Puliks are also considered as excellent family dogs because they adapt very easily with the surroundings and circumstances.

Free pulik puppies are known to be obedient, but they are not recommended for small children. Although these puppies are never aggressive, they can give an occasional vocal warning that can frighten small children.

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