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Free Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies For Sale

Rhodesian Ridgeback is a South African native dog peed. It is recognized as a silent Cur dog. Cur is a type of hunting dog urbanized in the United States. It mainly refers to those peeds having mixed ancestry, i.e. they can be either sight hound or scent hound. Generally fighting dogs are considered under this category. Rhodesian ridgeback belongs to the peed of large dogs.  They were developed by the European settlers in Zimbabwe around late 19th and beginning of 20th centuries.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are also known as Van Rooyen's Lion Dogs, African Lion Dog or African Lion Hound, because of their capability to harass a lion.  Belonging to the Cur peed, they are very fast, athletic, and have a hard hunting approach. They are known for ruling a game with their eyes, nose and ear.

If you interested in hunting and want hunting dogs, you should opt for free Rhodesian Ridgebacks puppies. Because of their great tracking abilities, you can use these dogs to hunt deer, wild boar, moose, and stag.  These dogs are also good family companions. So except hunting, you can also use your free Rhodesian Ridgebacks puppies to guard your house, property and even for droving cattle.

Rhodesian ridgeback is generally built strong and muscular having a distinctive smooth honey or red-gold colored coat. Male Ridgebacks are mainly 25-27 inches long weighing nearly 85 lbs, whereas the females are 24-26 inches and approximately 70 lbs.

Ridgebacks are very intelligent and loyal. They are, aloof to the strangers. A normal Ridgeback generally ignores a stranger rather then challenging him. Harsh training methods should not be applied on the Ridgebacks. Due to their African inheritance, they can resist wide variations in temperature. The standard lifespan is between 9-11 years. But in some rare case, they survive up to 61 years.

So, find free Rhodesian Ridgebacks puppies on the web and acquire one of the best hunting dogs in your home.

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