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Free Rottweilers Puppies For Sale

Rottweiler is also known as Rottweil Metzgerhund. It is a very large peed and originated as herding dogs in Germany. They were mainly treated as animals of burden, used for carrying woods and other goods to market.  Rottweiler served the role of a guard dog during the 2 World Wars. They are commonly used as police dogs too.

There is a popular misconception that Rottweiler was ped mainly for dog fighting. These peeds are mainly black in color with distinct mahogany markings on their chest, legs, muzzle and cheeks. The most distinctive feature of the peed is its massive skull. They also experience periodical shedding.

If you are in search of a good alert dog, you can obviously opt for free Rottweiler puppies. These dogs on proper training can be much reliable and good companion dog. They are also quick learners. In times, you can also use your free Rottweiler puppies for guard duties. Rottweiler is a very steady dog having a self-assured character. Usually, they are not a barker. They prefer to watch silently before attacking.

The average height of the male Rottweiler is 24-27 inches at their withers and weight around 50-55 kg, whereas the females are 22-25 inches and approximately 42 kg. Rottweiler generally survives for 8-10 years.

Rottweiler is considered as the World’s second best admired companion dog just after the famous Lapador. They are strong and resilient. Due to their large size and heavy weight, untrained free Rottweiler puppies can prove to be quite dangerous and can cause lots of damage.

If you are looking to have a tough dog for your security, just go for free Rottweiler puppies.

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