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To start off, let me tell you, that there are only a few dogs of other breeds, which can run faster than a Saluki. Salukis are very graceful and elegant to look at; they have an unusual gait, as while they are full speed all of their four limbs are in the air.

The Saluki’s origin is traced back to Persia and Middle East. Having a history of over seven thousand years, they are probably the oldest of the pure breed of dogs known to us. Salukis are known for their beauty, grace, agility, speed, stamina and endurance. They are sight hounds and can run at an unbelievable speed of over 50 mph.

Formerly, Salukis were bred for hunting Gazelles and other animals, that is why they have a strong athletic built, which allow them to exhibit great agility at very high speed. Their coats can categorized into two parts; smooth short coat covering the entire body, fluffy feather like thicker coat covering the ears and other parts like legs. The most prevalent color patterns comprise of colors like fawn, black, cream, white, golden and red.

Salukis have narrow head with, tapered muzzle and long, hanging ears. Eye color varies between lighter and darker shades of brown. Their average height and weight is 23 to 28 inches and 45 to 60 pounds.

They have a fairly mild temperament and are quite affectionate, gentle and sensitive. More than often, they prefer to stay aloof and are never perfectly obedient. However, they make good companions.

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