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Free Schipperke Puppies For Sale

Schipperke is a Belgian breed of dogs, which originated in the late 16th century, and there is still consternation going on about their category, that is if they are Spitz, terrier or plain Sheep dogs. However, whatever be the case, these black devils are downright lovable for their cute looks and energetic spirit.

The unique feature of a Schipperke is that he does not possess a tail right from his birth. Schipperkes are small short and thickset. They have a double coat which, comes in only one color and that is pitch black. Their heads resemble that of a fox, and are slightly pointed near the muzzle.

They have round eyes, with a brownish tinge in them, with an ever-inquisitive look in them. Their ears are short, triangular and sharply pointed. The nose is always black. Their height and weight is approximately, 10 to 13 inches and 14 to 20 pounds.

Being small they are very high spirited and playful. They are very quick for their size, in fact you might say freakishly quick, but they are very loyal and devoted towards their family. Their die-hard spirit makes them very effective and fearless watchdogs. They make excellent friends with small children and are quite compatible with other animals as well. They have a peculiar habit of acting as the leader of the house. In the beginning it might seem endearing, but such behavior should be discouraged as later it turns out to be a problem. However, housebreaking them in the beginning can be quite a job.

Therefore, in a nutshell, they can be a good companion for your family and your young ones. Therefore, if you are interested then you can get free Schipperke puppies at many websites over the internet.

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