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Schnoodle is a breed of dog that is a cross between poodle and Schnauzer. According to the famous Newsweek, these breeds of dogs are rising to popularity in recent times. Well-known personalities such as Claire Danes, Dakota Fanning, and Guntram Herb are proud owners of schnoodles. Their growing fame is attributed to the fact that people are looking for dogs that can be trained easily. The hypoallergenic natures of Schnoodles are not consistent as this is a hybrid variety. The breed boasts of being recognized by CKC, ACHC and DRA. Offspring of a Schnoodle and any other breed of dog would be a mongrel.

The puppy might develop either a coarse, rough coat or a soft coat, or it could develop a coat that is intermediary to both the parent breed. Schnoodles may show hair growth inside the ears that have to be removed by the vet; else, it may lead to infections. These dogs also require a service of expressing anal glands twice a year.

The size of the Schnoodle varies according to the size of the parent. Normally it ranges between 7-16 pounds. If one wants a toy schnoodle then one has to breed toy poodle with miniature Schnauzer. Also big size schnoodle can be obtained by crossing a standard poodle with giant size schnauzer.

The intelligence of the poodle combined with the friendliness of shcnauzer makes Schnoodles an ideal companion. To buy these adorable dogs, just type ‘free Schnoodle puppies’ on your search engines and explore various options.

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